Article I. The Stile of this server community shall be, “Narcotics Evolved.”

Article II. No tribe/individual may intentionally grief another player.

The definition of griefing as it applies to this server is defined as thus:

Griefing is NOT PvP, griefing is the act of repeatedly attacking someone by killing them, destroying their tames, or destroying their buildings after a raid has either been completed and there is nothing else to take, or they don't have anything of worth anyway (i.e. newbie).

An example of this is picking someone up with a bird, flying up high, and dropping them over and over again when there is not a raid or any sort of active PvP scenario happening. In certain situations this can fall under the category of spawn camping which is also not allowed. All of these things ruin the game experience for other players and I will reiterate is NOT PvP.
If you decide to grief I will go into spectator and I will see what you are doing and make no mistake I will ban you.

Article III. No tribe/individual may spam foundations around the map with the intention of blocking resource rich areas, wyvern egg spawns, drops, or other player structures.
If you do this and are asked to remove it and you do not you will be banned.

Article IV. No tribe/individual may post racist, defamatory, hateful, or otherwise distasteful comments in Global chat, Discord chat, or on the Forums. You will be asked to stop, if you do not I will ban you.



Done at Omaha, in the State of Nebraska, the thirteenth day of October, in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Seventeen.